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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Free Territorial Commando's- Sci-fi Colonial Forces

Well, since my last post I have managed to paint up a squad of the FTC which are to be the 'government' forces on the colonial world of Darwin. These figures are the 15mm OUDF from Ground Zero Games- and lovely figures they are too. The vehicles in the previous post are their rides and support.

The brief background to Darwin  is that it is a colony world on the frontier of human occupied space that has lost contact with its original sponsor some decades ago. Since then, the colony, originally a series of scientific and research outposts where burger vans, then bars, then general convenience stores began to flourish, soon became a number of large towns on the largest continent, Bulleria. The towns then formed local councils then a centralised government called the Central Government of Townships. As the population grew, so did science, engineering, manufacturing and agriculture. They now have a fledgling cenrtral, professional defence force called the FTC.

However, the FTC are coming under more and more pressure as a result of some townships trying to declare independence, particularly on the island townships, which is not acceptable to the normally liberal Central Government. Also, outlaws are becoming more numerous, living in larger and larger groups in the wilderness outside the influence of the townships and where the local militia's fail to eradicate these thorns the FTC are called upon to destroy these outlaw bands.

Although the people of Darwin have had little interference from outside (space) influences this is also a point of concern for the Central Government. They do not yet have the ability to launch space ships to find out, originally relying solely on the sponsors for contact and resupply etc from space. Why did contact suddenly cease and why has no other human attempted to land at Darwin, and what has happened to the colonies in the other nearby solar systems? Darwin was the only habitable planet in its solar system but has turned out to be a very rich one indeed in all sorts of natural resources. Bulleria has a very warnm climate apart from the northern most part which is merely temperate- Bulleria being the largest by far continent.

However , at the moment the Central Government and the FTC have plenty with which to occupy themselves. Whether it be troubles in outlying townships declaring independence, rogue militias, corrupt officials or even bands of outlaws who are becoming increasingly well armed and organised. Even as far as constructing rudimentary bases or forts from organic materials.

One of the answers to this for the Central Government is to create a series of walled townships called Burh's which discourage bands of outlaws from large scale raiding as well as showing militia and citizenry types the power of the Central Government.

Anywho, here is the squad and their rides:

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

WIP's Of The Festive Period

Well, merry Christmas and a happy new year to your and your kin. Another year passes and what have you done? This year I have mostly spent more money on minis without finishing the ones I already have. What a fickle bunch we wargamers are! I'm sure I'm not alone in this but I am slowly making a concerted effort to mend my ways. How long it will it last? Oh, until GZG open up in the new year I suspect so its all hands to the grav pump before then. What's a grav pump? No idea but I'm sure it will come in handy at some point. Oh and for all you really fickle wargamers out there, keep reading because there are several photos of minis at the end of this rambling blog!

Anywho, I'm kinda glad this year is coming to an end as it hasnt been a very good one for me personally in many ways, but, alas, despair not for I have a wonderful and lovely new partner (she knows I have this blog) and I start my great new job on the 9th January so all being well it is going to be a bright new start for me and I am looking forward to 2012. Providing, that is, that the Mayan's got it wrong (although they havent so far!). If they didnt get it wrong then I look forward to a very interesting year of cataclysmic proportions.

Now on to business. It is traditional, at this time of year, that wargamers recount how many minis they bought compared with how many they painted and based and make ridiculous new year resolutions along the lines of "I'm not buying anymore 'til I have painted up the ones I've got, honest dear." And typically despair at the growing mountain of lead shut away in draws, boxes, bags and hidden in hollowed out books along with the receipts (just me then???).

However, I am about to show you the light and an alterative approach to the lead mountain. Traditionally, wargamers have always been at odds with the lead mountain fearing its seemingly infinite painting and basing time as it begins to be distorted by "L" space (Lead space- yes I stole the concept from the one true storyteller). Wargamers view their own personal lead mountain like a volcano. Guilt and despair riddle the wargamer, the feelings of which being directly proportional to the size of the lead mountain and money spent, and fear that one day the lead volcano will finally erupt in dispair and abandonment killing the wargamer in a furious fountain of molten minis, surely a dread sight to any true wargamer (molten minis not dead wargamers- wargamers are ten to a penny).

But I say unto thee: And do not despair wargamer
for I am the light, and will light your way
And together we will climb the lead mountain
And upon that mountain you will find enlightenment

For this lead mountain is yours, truly yours. It is where you have chosen to spend your hard earned money because you love the hobby and where there is love there is light at then of the tunnel. In this lead mountain is a wonderful thought. At any point, when you ave some spare time to sit down at the desk, worktop, bench, kitchen table, dining room table, garage, shed- wherever you paint, at any time you can paint anything from any period you have expressed interest in through buying the minis for that period. You can get the minis out and fondle them lovingly seeing the potential, and the victories that are yet to be won on the table top. You can get the accompanying books out, thumbing through them, only looking at the pictures. But most importantly you can sit there and immerse yourself in a different world, a different time, every time, simply because you do have this little lead mountain of your own. So dont stare at it despondently- stare at it and fondle it lovingly. All it asks in return is this. That every so often very part of it is loved. Embrace the lead mountain and you will have a happy year indeed.

I would just like to add that, I have also recently discovered that my new partner is intrigued by every aspect of wargaming and in the last two weeks has read two rule books to become familiar with them (Gruntz and Full Thrust) in anticipation of our first game together either with FT starships from GZG or with 15mm Stargrunt minis from GZG.

Detail of a rusty reservoir on the tracked heavy APC from GZG. These are colonist armoured vehicles for my 15mm Sci-Fi stuff. Part of an ongoing project.

Rusted bin and reservoir on a wheeled SPG. Another 15mm Sci-Fi vehicle from GZG. The turret is a slightly different shade as the story is a slightly newer turret was lifted onto an older hull.

Current 15mm Sci-Fi WIP's. All vehicle from GZG.

In the foreground, 15mm Sci-Fi infantry in a now abandoned colour scheme. Everything from GZG. Apart from the Wargames Foundry paints obviously.

In the foreground some Full Thrust Neu Swabian League starships also from GZG.

In the words of tonight's ddinner: That's All Folks. Well, until next time- see you then.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011


Being somewhat of a cleptomaniacal and eccentric wargamer I have attempted to create previous wargaming blogs focusing on specific projects and even trying to create a sort of blog wargames magazine which was just plain silly. As well as creating my own sci-fi world in 15mm using GZG stuff with all sorts of overly complicated background story- this was also just plain silly as I have the attention span of a somewhat large and slightly (only slightly thankyou) bloated goldfish. So, I have decided to consolidate everyrthing into one general blog of wargames with all my projects being posted on one blog with background as necessary or to suit my particular wimsy at the time otherwise known to me and me alone as a brighht idea. Neither will I have wargaming pretensions above my station apart from insinuating with the blog name that I am a General...oh well.

So as I progress with various projects I will post them all here with necessary (and unecessary) information and pictures. A collection if you like of all my white metal mini adventures for me to catalogue and hopefully others to enjoy as well.

In the pipeline we have:

Baccus 6mm FPW
15mm Sci-Fi (GZG)

Awaiting delivery:

Full Thrust starships (GZG)
Foundry Paint System (Wargames Foundry)

I have almost completed one Baccus FPW pack and will be using both Baccus' own FPW rules as well as the 1870 rulesuntil I decide on one over t'other. With regards to the 15mm Sci-Fi, I am, as we speak, painting up all the stuff I have. There are two factions I am painting up. The New Fenland Republic Air Assault Regiment (FAAR) and their opponents are the Free Townships Coalition (FTC). These are part of my Dis-United Kingdom idea for a Sci-Fi world. Basically, the United Kingdom has split into much smaller independent states, and the most powerful are slowly emerging and stabilising now looking to their borders for expansion over their neighbour to become the most dominant state in the former United Kingdom (think of Saxon England before Alfred the Great). The New Fenland Republic comprises most of East Anglia and the Free Townships Coalition are the direct borderes to the New Fenland Republic. A series of independent townships and small cities that came together under an accord to promote the trading therefore new found wealth of these townships who have become important trading/merchant centres. Naturally the NFR want more than a slice of a pie and forces are building up along the borders. However, whilst the NFR has a professional miltary, the FTC has only just started a fledgling force of semi-professional soldiers equipped with leand-lease weapons and hardware supplied by the northern neighbours of the FTC who have a vested interest in preventing the NFR gaining control of important trading hubs as they fear the might of the NFR's formiddable military. The NFR are one of the most powerful states in the Dis-United Kingdom.

Oh, I should also mention that the FAAR forces are decked out in a primary colour called wine stain, otherwise known to the undiscerning as pink! The FTC are in more traditional military colours but given that most equipment is obsolete lend-lease they are in varying degrees of repair with slightly differing camo colours and patterns. A somewhat ad-hoc looking force. In painting terms, I am actually finding this quite fun to re-create! Pictures to follow soon.

Wish List:

Scan-Fed (GZG) special forces (all will be revealed in the new year)
ESU (GZG) Naval Guards Quick Reaction Force (QRF)

The reason for the decrease in blog activity of late was due to work commitments, however, as I hyave now secured a great new job, I will no longer be working alot of overtime and nor will I be required to work weekends and also I will have bank holidays off. Nor will I have to work evenings and early mornings as I will no longer be on a shift pattern. I will be back in a nice warm office doing 8am-5pm. Hallelujah is all I can say as I will also get a payrise as I move into this new job! A new year, a new start.

On the backburner:

Baccus 6mm Colonial (Mahdist uprising)
Baccus 6mm Wars Of The Roses
Museum Miniatures 15mm Hundred Years War
Museum Miniatures 15mm Medieval Welsh
Assorted other crazy ideas/projects

Thats all folks