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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Free Territorial Commando's- Sci-fi Colonial Forces

Well, since my last post I have managed to paint up a squad of the FTC which are to be the 'government' forces on the colonial world of Darwin. These figures are the 15mm OUDF from Ground Zero Games- and lovely figures they are too. The vehicles in the previous post are their rides and support.

The brief background to Darwin  is that it is a colony world on the frontier of human occupied space that has lost contact with its original sponsor some decades ago. Since then, the colony, originally a series of scientific and research outposts where burger vans, then bars, then general convenience stores began to flourish, soon became a number of large towns on the largest continent, Bulleria. The towns then formed local councils then a centralised government called the Central Government of Townships. As the population grew, so did science, engineering, manufacturing and agriculture. They now have a fledgling cenrtral, professional defence force called the FTC.

However, the FTC are coming under more and more pressure as a result of some townships trying to declare independence, particularly on the island townships, which is not acceptable to the normally liberal Central Government. Also, outlaws are becoming more numerous, living in larger and larger groups in the wilderness outside the influence of the townships and where the local militia's fail to eradicate these thorns the FTC are called upon to destroy these outlaw bands.

Although the people of Darwin have had little interference from outside (space) influences this is also a point of concern for the Central Government. They do not yet have the ability to launch space ships to find out, originally relying solely on the sponsors for contact and resupply etc from space. Why did contact suddenly cease and why has no other human attempted to land at Darwin, and what has happened to the colonies in the other nearby solar systems? Darwin was the only habitable planet in its solar system but has turned out to be a very rich one indeed in all sorts of natural resources. Bulleria has a very warnm climate apart from the northern most part which is merely temperate- Bulleria being the largest by far continent.

However , at the moment the Central Government and the FTC have plenty with which to occupy themselves. Whether it be troubles in outlying townships declaring independence, rogue militias, corrupt officials or even bands of outlaws who are becoming increasingly well armed and organised. Even as far as constructing rudimentary bases or forts from organic materials.

One of the answers to this for the Central Government is to create a series of walled townships called Burh's which discourage bands of outlaws from large scale raiding as well as showing militia and citizenry types the power of the Central Government.

Anywho, here is the squad and their rides:

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